Hello Kitty Icons

Hello Kitty Icons

Collection of icons for Hello Kitty fans


  • Easy to install
  • Free to use


  • Only nine designs to choose from


Don't ask me why but Hello Kitty is massively popular brand even though it looks like it's based on some kind of kids cartoon.

If you're a Windows user and a fan of the cute cartoon cat, you will love this collection of Hello Kitty Icons that represent the best of the brand. This collection includes nine different high-resolution icons to spice up your desktop with the Japanese brand. All the icons are free for personal use although not for commercial use and there are nine designs to choose from.

To use these icons, simply right-click the mouse on an existing icon to open the context menu. Select the 'Change Icon' option and then paste in the icon that you want to use. Alternatively to make things easier for regular changes, you can also use an icon exchange program like IconPhile.

Hello Kitty fans will undoubtedly enjoy this collection of Hello Kitty Icons bringing the multi-million dollar Japanese brand to your desktop.

Hello Kitty Icons


Hello Kitty Icons

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